Silent Speed:
Redefining Your Ride

Master the Road with eTryst X Electric Bike! Unleash unmatched power and embark on lasting adventures. The eTryst X is your ultimate companion for a performance-driven, stylish ride.

Unmatched performance meets long-lasting adventure with the eTryst X electric bike. The eTryst X is the ultimate companion for riders who demand the best in performance and style! Elevate your biking experience today.


Upgraded Features in

Reverse Mode

MAX can roll backwards at sensible speed with the reverse mode

Highly efficient Powertrain

The new motor has an efficiency of 92%

Hill-Start Assist

Preventing your vehicle from rolling backwards on a slope during the transition from the brake to the throttle

Down-Hill Assist

Allows for speed control/locking during descent on slopes.

Swift Throttle Response

Smooth kick-off acceleration for a fine rider experience

Parking Assist

Reducing the manual effort while parking in tight parking spaces

Smart AI for Battery Longevity

✓ Auto Power Discharge basis to the State of Charge (SoC)
✓ AI Sensed Speed & Torque Deliverables @ State of the Health (SoH)
✓ 50% Enhanced Battery Life cycle
✓ Vehicle is Enabled for Firmware Upgrades
✓ Processing Power Better than Latest Gen Smartphone

Coasting Regen

Battery charging even during deceleration (without breaking) of the vehicle

Smart Regenerative Braking

Battery powered when brakes are applied & regen is optimized as per the SoC & Riding Modes

Enhanced Electronic braking system

30% Improvement in the Response time of braking system
  • Top Speed 94 KMPH
  • PUREMileage ## 111-171 KM
  • Battery 3.5 KWH
  • Load bearing capacity 150 KG
  • Gradeability 16 Degree
  • Extended Warranty 5 years/50,000 KMs

EX- showroom Price

Rs. 1,49,999**

** Ex-showroom - Prices are excluding accessories, labor, handling, fitting, delivery and any other incidental charges.

## Mileage affected by different load, tire pressure, road condition, temperature, wind speed, operating behaviors and other factors.

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eTryst X
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