The story began with PURE
Yes PURE !

PURE acronym stands for Power Using Renewable Energy and true to its name ever since inception, the company has focused on enabling transition to sustainable energy sources. Energy storage technology has been a key area of focus since the inception and the Company has developed strong expertise in Lithium battery technology. The company management team brings significant experience from academia and the energy industry.

The company is in the business of manufacturing electric scooters and motorcycles under the brand “PURE EV”. The company has set up a dedicated EV and battery manufacturing unit measuring over 1 lakh sqft and having a dedicated facility for R&D for EV powertrain development and testing. PURE is currently one of the leading EV2W brands in India and also having a dominant position in exports to South Asian countries Nepal and Bhutan. The company is focused on building products beloved by the mass consumer and building a trustworthy brand name in EV.

PURE EV founder Dr.Nishanth Dongari
Dr. Nishanth Dongari (Founder)

Dr Nishanth Dongari, worked in Germany and moved to UK under the prestigious Marie Curie Fellowship.

PURE EV Co-founder & CEO Rohit vadera
Rohit Vadera
(Co-Founder & CEO)

Rohit Vadera worked in Abu Dhabi in the oil and gas sector with leading global engineering firms. Subsequently he moved back to India and obtained MBA in Finance and Operations from Indian School of Business in 2016.